Our new website is finally live.

It has taken ten weeks and hundreds of hours, but it is nearly complete. We hope that you like the new feel and ease of navigation. Online purchasing is ultra-efficient, simple and secure. Ordering now only requires a few clicks and the product is on the way.

There are several new features we are crazy about, but one that`s fun and stands-out is the Find a Dealer  page. Customers can find dealer locations with directions to the shop, contact details and website information. A brilliant app. Try it.

And check out the new hi-res photos of the Ritte bikes and every single item of Hincapie custom wear. 

If you see anything amiss on the site, and we know there are a few things, feel free to shout it out. We appreciate the feedback (and there is also a new feedback area for each product - but that`s for another post)

Finally a special shout-out to Yoshie for her continued translation skills - you`re awesome!

Check English page.