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You're probably wondering who we are and what we do. That's easy, CYCLISM is a small Japanese company dedicated to bringing you unique imported premium cycling brands that are fun, stylish, and the best in market. We don't want to wear or ride the same thing everyone else does. That's boring. If you're here, we know that you are like us. You want nice things. You have a passion for cycling, great design & style, and high-quality.

MAAP apparel. Wow. Beautiful Italian made cycling wear designed in Melbourne with a perfect fit. We love this brand. It's amazing. As soon as you put it on you'll know it's quality. They also sponsor a few pro teams!

We've been riding Ritte Bicycles beautiful Stainless Snob frame and Ace carbon racing frame for years. Both amazing design and ride qualities though different from each other. I have a difficulty choosing which one to ride.

For 2016, we are bringing Open Cycle to Japan and we are super excited! This new bicycle company was founded by Gerard Vroomen (former founder of Cervelo) and Andy Kessler (former CEO of BMC). This is their baby. They are making just a few models of high-end carbon frames. The U.P. Gravel Plus frame is incredible - put on CX tires, check. Mountain bike tires?? Yep! It's an "N - 2" frame. Single track, mountain, gravel. All good and super light.

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Nothing makes us happier than to receive comments from our customers:

  • One of our favorite emails from a customer said: "It's a lot fun to look through all the MAAP items! So many great choices!"
  • And, "MAAP's design is fresh and modern, it's what's coming in cycling fashion and quality, and they are at the top."
  • Another said, "My Ritte Snob frame is so stylish, and the ride is amazing - so smooth."
  • "CYCLISM has made a niche in Japan with the brands they carry. That's a good thing!"

Feel free to contact us anytime. We'd love to hear from you and will usually reply within one day.


I moved to Japan from the USA in 1999 and founded CYCLISM in 2009 - I was passionate about cycling, wanted to do what I loved, and I noticed there was a need for imported premium cycling brands in Japan. I race from time to time and out on the bike riding or training weekly. If you're up for a ride, or visiting Japan and want to ride, drop me a line HERE.

Danny Robinson

P.S.  A quote to live by, "Buy Less and Spend More...on quality items you love."









2016年には新しくOpen Cycle(オープンサイクル)を日本へ輸入します。この新しい小さな会社はGerard Vroomen(Cerveloの旧創立者)、Andy Kessler(BMCの前CEO)によって創立されました。
このブランドは彼らにとっては子供のような存在です。このブランドは数種類の高品質なカーボンフレームのみを作っています。U.P. Gravel Plus フレームは言葉に表すことが難しいくらい素晴らしいです。CXタイヤを装着してみてください。"マウンテンバイクタイヤ?!"と思うでしょう?そうです!N-2フレームです。シングルトラック、マウンテン、グラベルロード全てに合い、すごく軽いです。



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