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1.  事業者名
CYCLISM LLC (合同会社サイクリズム)

2.  ショップ情報 - オンラインショップ名

3.  所在地/住所
〒 182-0036 東京都調布市
飛田給 2-29-8
4.  連絡先/お問い合わせ
TEL:   ‭+81 50 3196 5670‬

5.  営業時間
月~金10:00~17:00 (土日祝日、年末年始は休業)

6.  商品代金以外で必要な費用
  • 特別配送の商品につきましては、別途手数料がかかります。商品のオーダー確定時に、手数料が表示されます。
7.  商品引渡し時期
  • 商品の購入画面で発送時期の記載がある場合は、記載どおりの発送となります。上記はオーダーメイドの商品も該当します。
  • 想定外の事象により、発送が遅れる場合もございます。その場合、弊社よりお客様へご連絡をさせていただきます。
  • ゴールデンウィーク、お盆、年末年始休暇時期に関しては、商品到着まで通常時よりもさらに1週間ほどお時間がかかります。

8.  お支払方法
  • PayPal、Apple Pay、Google Pay, Shopify Pay
  • クレジットカード払い

9.    支払い時期

  • クレジットカード(CC):各カード会社引き落とし日

10.  返品/交換/保証期間内の交換


  • ご返品いただいた商品が使用済みの場合や、付属品の同梱漏れがある場合はご返品商品として受理できませんのでご注意ください。
  • モデルチェンジ等により、旧モデルがご用意できない場合は、同等の新モデルへの交換をご提案させていただく場合がございます。
  • 保証対象商品は保証期間内である限り、保証内容に準じ交換されます。
  • 全てのセール商品は、欠陥品でない限り返品、返金できません。


  〒 252-0012  神奈川県 座間市 広野台 2-10-10 Area D, 3F, GLP Zama


11. 責任者
        ダニー ロビンソン (CYCLISM LLC ディレクター)

1. Distributor 
Cyclism LLC

2. Online shop name

3. Location
〒 182-0036  Tokyo, Chofu-shi, Tobitakyu 2-29-8

4. Inquiry
Contact us by email or phone listed on the Contact Us web page.

※ If contacting us during non-business hours, we may temporarily store your contact details to contact you to support your inquiry during regular business hours.

5. Business hours
(Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays) 10am to 5pm on weekdays.
※ We accept online orders 24 hours / 365 days per year.

6. Associated fees other then cost of goods
Consumption tax.
Delivery charges. Any purchase under 10,000 yen will incur a delivery charge of 750 yen.

7. Goods extradition period
In stock product will be sent 1-3 days from the date of order. Out of stock goods may take up to 2 weeks from the date of order. Warrantied replacement of items may take up to two weeks from the date when Cyclism receives the warrantied item in question from the customer.
※ If there is a description regarding delivery period on the purchase page of the product, it will be sent as described. Such items include custom made products.
※ For items such as bicycles and bicycle frames, orders may be delayed 1-2 months due to international shipping. For AURUM Dolomite framesets, these are custom painted at the time of order and ship from SPAIN in 21-28 days as stated by AURUM. It may further take 1-2 weeks for CYCLISM to receive these bicycles or bicycle frames. 
※ Delivery may be delayed due to unforeseen events. The customer will be notified of any delays.
※ Delivery may be delayed by one week during Golden Week, Obon, and New Year`s, and other Japanese Holidays.

8. Payment methods
Credit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shopify Pay.

9. Payment Timing: For payment by credit card, Cyclism will charge your credit card at the time of order. Your payment by credit card follows your credit card company's rules.

10. Returned goods, exchanges and warranty replacement. 
Please check for any defects or damages prior to use. 

If there are any defects or damages, you must contact Cyclism within 7 days of receiving or we reserve the right not to replace the goods. Cyclism will replace or exchange any unused defective items under the conditions listed above and Cyclism will be responsible for the cost of shipping. 

If the customer would like to exchange a product due to incorrect ordering, i.e. size, style, or color, etc., the customer must contact Cyclism within 7 days of receiving the product for exchange. The customer will pay the fee for return shipping. We cannot cancel the order and refund the customer unless the original item ordered is not available. 

Further, orders cannot be canceled and refunded after being fulfilled and shipped. However, the customer can return the items for exchange only. The customer will pay the fee for return shipping. In the event a customer places an order and makes a deposit or an initial payment and then cancels the order before the final payment is made, that deposit or payment cannot be refunded. This includes but is not limited to customer apparel, bicycles, and more.

All sale items purchases are final and cannot be returned or exchanged for another item for any reason except if the product is defective. Returned defective sale item goods must be returned in the same unused condition in the original packaging with all included materials. Shipping costs to return or exchange in this case will be borne by Cyclism.
※ If the returned goods are received in used condition or there are items missing, the goods will not be accepted.
※ If replacement returned goods are no longer available due to model change, out of stock with no plan for reproduction, etc., a different model of equal value will be or a refund offered will be offered.
※ Warrantied goods will be replaced if the warranty terms of usage have been followed and replacement period has not expired.

11. Owner
Danny Robinson